For the fifth consecutive year, Scapin will be supporting the A.S.D. Italian MTB Awards, president Massimo Stermieri and vice president Gianluca Barbieri.

The official launch of the Italian MTB Awards Scapin 2016 Edition (usually shortened to IMA Scapin) took place on 21st February alongside the presentation of this year's team by the Olympia group, which includes Scapin.

The IMA Scapin is an Italian mountain bike competition whose slogan is "get on your bike and come and visit Italy".

It began in 2003 as the Hill Cup, a circuit organised in the province of Modena by Massimo Stermieri. In 2008 it became an inter-regional event, and its ambit widened further with the arrival of Gianluca Barbieri of Atestina Superbike. The Fontana family and Olympia became involved in 2010.

Since 2011, the IMA has been associated with the prestigious Scapin brand.

Today the IMA Scapin boasts a total of 10 events organised in 5 different Italian regions.
This year the races include the classic Val di Fassa Bike (now a national event), the prestigious GF Costa degli Etruschi and a UCI Marathon world championship event, the Capoliveri Legend Cup.

Here's the list of events and dates:
10/04 GF Val di Merse - Rosìa (SI)
24/04 GF del Durello - S. Giovanni Ilarione (VR)
08/05 Da Piazza a Piazza - Prato
15/05 Capoliveri Legend Cup - Island of Elba
22/05 GF degli Etruschi - Marina di Cecina (LI)
12/06 Atestina Superbike - Este (PD)
26/06 Casentino Bike - Bibbiena (AR)
28/08 GF del Sangiovese - Predappio (FC)
11/09 Val di Fassa Bike - Moena (TN)
18/09 Rampiconero - Camerano (AN)

The busy calendar of events, combined with the choice of venues with a "tourist" slant and the generous prize money up for grabs, makes the IMA Scapin one of Italy's most prestigious MTB competitions.
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